Sunicorn-MHP 3000LV (120Vac)



  • Rated power 3KW
  • Built-in MPPT solar charge controller 
  • High frequency inverter with compact design
  • Pure sine wave AC output 
  • 2 units can parallel as split phase inverter groups 120V/240V
  • Parallel operation up to 6 units
  • WiFi/ GPRS remote monitoring (optional)
  • RS485 communication for BMS (optional)
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  • Home Solar Power Inverter

    Off grid solar inverter for home power system

  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller

    Inbuilt with 80A MPPT solar charge controller

  • Pure Sine Wave

    Pure sine wave output

LCD Display Information

1. LCD Display

2. Status indicator

3. Charging indicator

4. Fault display

5. Function buttons

System Connection

This is a multifunctional off grid solar inverter, integrated with a MPPT solar charge controller, a high frequency pure sine wave inverter and a UPS function module in one machine, which is perfect for off grid backup power and self-consumption applications.
The inverter is with 120V output, can parallel using 2 units to make split phase inverter groups 120V/240V.

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