• 4.3 inches touch screen
  • IP65 protection
  • PV input 15kW, 3 MPPT trackers
  • UPS function, switching time<10ms
  • 200A max charging/discharging current
  • Grid peak shaving
  • Parallel up to 6 units
  • Support generator with dedicated interface
  • Type ll DC/AC Surge protection
  • Support DC coupling, AC coupling
Part 1

Model Sunteny-S10000H-48SP
Input Data(DC)
Max.recommended PV power(for module STC) 15000W
Max.MPPT voltage 525V
Start MPPT voltage 130V
MPPT voltage range 150V-450V/370V
No.of MPPT trackers 3
No.of PV strings per MPPT tracker 2
Max.input current per MPPT tracker 22A
Max.short-circuit current per MPPT tracker 27A
Output Data(AC)
AC nominal power 10000W
Max.AC apparent power 10000VA
Nominal AC voltage(range*) 120V/240V Split phase
AC grid frequency(range*) 60Hz
Max.output current 50A
Adjustable power factor 0.8 leading......0.8 lagging
THD <3%
AC grid connection type Split phase

Part 2

Battery Date(DC)
Battery voltage range 40-60V
Max charging current 200A
Max discharging current 200A
Continous charging and discharging power 10000W
Type of battery Lithium/Lead acid
Backup Power(AC)
AC nominal output power 10000VA
Nominal AC output voltage 120V/240V Split phase
Nominal AC output frequency 60Hz
Switch time <10ms

Part 3
Max. efficiency 98.10%
European efficiency 97.60%
MPPT efficiency 99.90%
Protection Devices
PV Switch Yes
AC over current protection Yes
AC over voltage protection Yes
Grid monitoring Yes
Anti-islanding protection Yes
Residual-current monitoring unit Yes
Insulation resistance monitoring Yes
AFCI Protection Yes
Surge protection DC Type Il /AC Type ll
Part 4
General Data
Dimensions(W/H/D) 850x440x255mm
Weight 48.8kg/107.7lbs
Operating temperature range ﹣25∽60℃, >45℃ Derating
Noise emission (typical) 30 dB(A)
Self-Consumption <60 W
Topology High Frequency Isolated Transformer
Cooling Natural coolinga
Protection degree IP65/NEMA 4
Relative humidity 100%
Altitude No derating below 2000m
DC connection MC4
Display Touch Screen
Interface RS485/CAN/USB
Mointor WiFi/ GPRS (optional)
Warranty 5 years/10 years (optional)